So, let’s get down to brass tacks, how much money do you save with solar panels in Australia? According to years of research conducted in the industry, solar energy users can enjoy up to 50% savings on their traditional energy bills. Read on to find out more from the experts at Hunter Valley Electrics.

Solar Panels for Smart Energy Solutions

For those looking at installing an off grid solar system, the energy savings are significant and immediate. However, an efficient system is critical to these savings and smart energy management systems represent the cutting edge when it comes to energy savings. These systems are designed to control devices connected to the grid and choose where to send the energy and where to turn it off to ensure efficient usage. Once the system is set up, it uses automation and precision technology to give you the best possible savings from solar energy.

Solar Unit Savings Breakdown

Let’s use a hypothetical scenario to find out how much money you can save from solar energy. If you consume 8000kW of energy every year, and the cost is $800 per quarter, you can purchase a standard solar system of 6.6kW which will easily last you about 25 years. Your solar system will then produce 8,000kW of power in the first year of which you will use about 75%, relying on the main grid for the remaining 25%.

In this example, your utility bill drops by 75%, your solar unit equipment costs begin to pay for themselves over time and you may even find yourself with excess solar energy which you can sell back to the grid for an additional income that accrues over time. Within 3-5 years your solar system pays for itself, and you can enjoy 100% of the savings you earn over the next 20 years of solar energy usage.

These numbers may vary depending on the location of your home, the type of inverter and solar panel combination you choose and other environmental factors which may arise. To tackle these variables, we recommend contacting a trusted local solar provider to assist you in choosing the right equipment for you to find out then answer to that age old question, how much money do you save with solar panels in Australia?

Other Benefits Besides Lower Energy Costs

The savings from solar units are not the only factor which make them attractive as the future of energy independence. Here are other reasons why solar is such an excellent option for homeowners:

Solar panels require hardly any maintenance. They are built to last and withstand extreme weather and require a simple cleaning routine with water and sponge once or twice a year.

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