How Solar in New South Wales Can Maintain Power During a Blackout

Is your solar power unit ready to see you through a major power outage? Find out more about grid tied systems, how to turn solar panels off and how battery units can help provide backup power to your home during times of emergency with Hunter Valley Electrics’ guide to solar power.

Are Solar Panels Connected to Electricity? 

Most solar units are “grid-tied” systems in which the solar panels are connected to the inverter. The inverter is connected to an AC panel where an electric meter records how much energy is used from the main grid and how much is sent to the grid by the solar system. These systems have no battery backup, which means that when the lights go out, so does the functionality of your solar system. So, the short answer to the question, “Are solar panels connected to electricity?” is yes!

How To Use Grid Tied Solar During Power Outage

During a blackout, a grid tied system automatically shuts off to prevent excess power being sent via power lines which might be damaged. While this is a good safety feature for the grid, it can leave you without electricity all of a sudden.

The only way to enjoy uninterrupted power during a blackout is to have a reliable battery unit which will store energy for you to use. Read on for more information on how to use grid tied solar during power outage.

Benefits Of a Solar Battery

For true off grid power independence, you will need a solar battery which allows for seamless transition from grid to battery backup power.

There are many kinds of batteries available on the market, from deep cycle lead acid batteries to ultra modern Tesla powerwall units. Experienced solar unit installers like Hunter Valley Electrics have the skills and knowledge to help you identify the right battery for your unit which will help you keep your investment manageable while enjoying all the benefits of a solar battery during blackout.

How To Reset Solar Panels After Power Outage

Can solar panels be turned off by a homeowner? Here’s our notes on how to reset solar panels after power outage:

  • Turn off your solar inverter
  • Turn off the AC disconnect
  • Turn off the DC disconnect
  • Turn off your service panel
  • Wait for a up to 2 minutes
  • Turn on your service panel
  • Turn on the solar disconnect or DC disconnect box.
  • Turn on the AC disconnect
  • Turn on the inverter

If you are still wondering “how do I disconnect my solar panels from the grid?”, contact the team at Hunter Valley Electrics for more assistance.

Benefits Of a Solaredge Inverter During Power Outage

Solaredge inverters are specially designed to comprehensively manage your energy storage and usage. The inverter uses a battery to store solar energy which can be used during the night and even divert extra energy to heat water and operate smart devices. Using a solaredge inverter during power outage has numerous benefits as it is a blackout stopper with an impressive energy efficiency record. Speak to your local solar equipment supplier for more information.

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