Making the shift to sustainable solar energy can seem daunting, and as more people understand the benefits of this technology, many of the myths surrounding this energy source are also being challenged. Hunter Valley Electrics debunks some of the most common myths surrounding solar systems.

Solar Panels are Too Expensive

While this may have been true a decade ago, today’s solar panels are affordable and there are options available across a range of budgets. Solar panels are an investment and the savings on utility bills are well established and significant. Combined with government incentives and competitive solar energy providers, the savings start to emerge within a short period of time and increase over five years.

Cold Weather Decreases Solar Unit Performance

Solar panels depend only on the amount of direct sunlight they receive. In fact, research shows that panels may also be more productive on colder days. Contrary to another popular myth, solar panels can also draw energy from indirect sunlight, so your roof doesn’t need to receive direct sunlight throughout the day, meaning that solar is still an option for you!

Solar Panels Decrease the Value of Your Home

If anything, market studies show that Australians are willing to pay thousands of dollars more to buy a home with solar panels installed on the roof. With homeowners making the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, a home with a tried and tested solar system is more attractive on the market and will fetch a higher price.

Installing Solar Panels is a Complicated Process

At Hunter Valley Electrics, we like to reassure our clients from the very beginning that they aren’t alone on their solar journey. Once you have identified the solar panels you need, we assist you with comprehensive installation services including testing and diagnostics to ensure that your system is working perfectly. You can even install solar panels yourself, but always get a professional to check your work before you start using the system.

Maintaining Solar Panels is Difficult

Taking care of your solar panels is incredibly easy. All you need to do is clear them with water and a sponge a few times a year. Solar panels are designed to withstand all kinds of environmental stresses including storms, sleet and hail. If you make sure that your panels are not obstructed with debris, you should be able to enjoy uninterrupted solar energy throughout the year.

Solar Panels are Bad for the Environment

No method of sustainable power generation is perfect, and the solar industry is committed to reducing its footprint on the environment. The energy required to manufacture solar panels is up to 10 times less than traditional fossil fuels. Solar panels also have long lifespans and last for up to 25 years, making them a long-lasting product with minimal waste.

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