Solar energy is a clean, renewable source of natural energy converted to solar power through the absorption of sunlight through solar panels.

Solar energy is an essentially free source of energy and has always been an integral part of human civilization in one way or another. At Hunter Valley Electrics, we are passionate about helping Australians make the switch to a form of energy which creates no waste and can be used for a wide range of everyday applications.

When it comes to uses of solar energy at home, parts of the world which are densely populated find that solar energy is a perfect solution because it does not release carbon dioxide, is an excellent replacement for fossil fuels and has a wide range of applications. Rural areas in particular can enjoy uninterrupted power to run everything they need to enjoy a modern lifestyle away from urban centres.

Uses of Solar Energy at Home

Whether you use active or passive solar devices, this pure form of energy is used for a wide range of applications including heating, powering lights and even transportation.

Solar Energy for Cooking

Rather than use a traditional gas fired oven, a solar oven is simple to use and works just as well as a traditional system, with much lower power usage.

Solar Water Heating

Modern solar water heating systems heat water quickly and efficiently for consumption in your home. Solar water heaters use solar cells to absorb heat from the sun and usually come with long warranties due to their reliability. Solar energy can be used to heat swimming pools and is widely considered the most cost-effective way to heat large bodies of water.

Solar Heating Systems

Solar space heating systems are used to power radiant floor heating units which integrate with forced hot air technology to heat up your home. The advantage is that you don’t need to spend large amounts of money on active solar systems. By designing your home or business with appropriately placed windows, keeping the direction of the sun in mind, you can save significant sums of money on heating by using natural light.

Solar Ventilation

Experience instant savings with solar fans which work with your air conditioning system to reduce the load they experience. Commercial and industrial spaces often use solar ventilation technology to maintain the temperature of their warehouses.

Solar Transportation

As the energy source of the future, we may see solar powered vehicles become an integral part of our lives. With some of the greatest engineering minds in the world already working hard to make this a reality, 100% emission free vehicles will soon be hitting the road.

Solar Energy Facts from the Experts

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