One of the most significant advantages of solar power systems is that they require very little maintenance and last for decades. To get the most out of your system, Hunter Valley Electrics suggests staying up to date with the minimal but extremely important maintenance protocols that protect your solar unit. Keeping your solar unit in perfect working condition will give you optimal efficiency and safety.

If you are currently using a solar unit and you notice your energy bill increase suddenly, see a red or orange light on your inverter or find that your solar panels are noticeably dirty, it may be time to have your system serviced by professionals. Read on for our guide to solar power maintenance and some of the DOs and DON’Ts of solar unit care.

Regular Maintenance Helps Keep You Safe

No energy source is perfect, and while solar energy is extremely safe, there is a risk of solar panels catching fire if they are poorly maintained. Solar panels are designed to be durable and withstand extreme weather, but improper use can cause them to malfunction. Do not attempt to install solar panels yourself unless you have experience with the equipment. Always contact a licensed and expert solar provider like Hunter Valley Electrics to ensure that your installation is perfect. Faulty DC isolator switches are also often the culprits, so be sure to check that every component of your solar system is manufactured by a reputed brand.

Solar Panel Servicing

During a solar panel check, your solar technician will run diagnostics tests to monitor the condition of your solar panels. This will include a thorough visual inspection, electrical inspection, and other tests. Debris and other foreign objects will be removed and a full clean of your system can be expected. Do not attempt to perform electrical work on your solar panels unless you have experience working with these systems. Performing your own maintenance on your solar panel could also result in a forfeit of your warranty so always contact your supplier first.

What Else Does a Solar Unit Maintenance Include?

  • All parts are checked for deteriorating and corrosion and replaced if necessary.
  • Solar vents are free of obstruction
  • All switches are working perfectly to turn on and off critical functions.
  • All fittings and cables are secure
  • Isolator switches are working correctly
  • Emergency shutdown procedures in case of severe malfunction are easily visible

Expert Solutions for Solar Panel Maintenance Issues

A solar power unit is made up of many complex components which help harness the pure energy of the sun. At Hunter Valley Electrics, we believe that the key to enjoying long term solar power is to have a solar energy provider who understands the importance of keeping your system in perfect working condition. Always consult your solar company to create a robust solar panel maintenance schedule which keeps your system working well and catches any potential problems before they become a reality. Contact us today to obtain a free quote for your residential solar panels.

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