At Hunter Valley Electric, we understand how daunting it can be to dip your toe into the world of solar power. To help make this process easier, we suggest taking the time to speak with reputed solar companies in Australia who understand the industry, have plenty of experience and are technically proficient with their work. Here are some of the main factors to consider before deciding whether a solar company in your area is worth signing a contract with.

Complete Transparency

We believe that an energy provider has an obligation to provide customers with all the information they deserve. At Hunter Valley Electrics, our quotations are broken down into every cost that you will incur, including labour, parts, GST, etc. The timeline required to complete your project will be clearly indicated, with every cost mentioned up front. Our helpful team is at your service to clarify any questions you may have about the quote, installation and solar equipment.

Experience Counts

A company which has maintained its professionalism and quality for many years will have plenty of positive customer reviews online. The best solar companies in Australia have plenty of experience, technical expertise and a reputation which can easily be verified online.

Avoid Making a Decision Based on Price

While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest solar panels and installation services, it can prove much costlier in the long run as low quality panels tend to malfunction and poorly installed solar units not only run inefficiently but also present a deadly safety hazard. Your investment in solar should be a one-time expense which, with long lasting components and trained experts by your side, should pay for itself without unexpected equipment issues. If a solar company is offering a significantly lower quote than its competitors, it may be cause for suspicion.

CEC Accreditation

The first thing to check is whether your solar company is CEC accredited. This industry leading council is made up of over 500 companies dedicated to energy efficiency and provides a government approved solar panels installers list you can check on their website.

Customised Installation Services

Some solar companies will use a one size fits all approach to solar installation and send you a quotation without visiting or assessing your home. A trusted solar company will provide you with a comprehensive solar plan with itemised quotations and a dedicated, custom approach specific to your location.

Customer Focused Warranty Agreements

Australian regulations require all solar panels to offer a minimum warranty of 10 years on the product and up to 25 years on the performance of your panels. When it comes to your entire solar system, however, each company determines the warranty they want to (or do not want to) offer to customers. Check to make sure that your solar company has a clearly worded and comprehensive warranty which protects you.

Best Solar Companies in New South Wales

At Hunter Valley Electrics, we take pride in being one of the best solar companies in Australia, which is why we are on the government approved solar panel installers list, with long standing relationships with a range of quality solar brands. Always ensure that your service provider is on the list of government approved solar panel installers. Contact us today to obtain a free quote or call 02 4089 4523 to speak with our local experts.

Speak to Australia’s Solar Professionals

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