In today’s increasingly competitive market, staying ahead of the curve requires creativity and innovative thinking. While you may not be able to predict your revenue for the year, you can empower yourself by reducing business costs by taking cumulative steps to reduce your energy bills. Looking for tips on how to reduce electricity consumption at the office? Read on for tips from Hunter Valley Electrics on saving energy while doing business.

Audit your Energy Use

A thorough energy audit will allow you to identify your monthly energy use. This will help you create a robust energy saving plan which can be monitored and tracked easily. For businesses using solar power, high-end monitoring software and highly trained solar technicians closely monitor the performance of your solar unit, making sure it is always running efficiently.

Changing Employee Mindset

Energy efficiency is a lifestyle choice, and it ultimately comes down to the awareness of the people using the electricity. We recommend creating an energy-saving protocol with adequate training to impress on employees the importance of cutting costs by doing away with wasteful energy practices. This is much easier in a small or medium business where employees are few and protocols can be implemented in a measurable way.

Unplug It When It’s Off

Connecting all essential appliances to quality surge protectors and power strips allows you to turn off your equipment off when you’re leaving for the night. Equipment that remains plugged in continues to draw small amounts of power which can add up over the course of a month, adding to your energy bill.

Manage Peak Demand Hours

Every business has peak demand hours when the most amount of energy is being used. This is usually during hours of operation when large numbers of people and staff are working and moving through the space. By identifying your peak demand hours, you can spread activity out over the day so that your energy usage is spread out over different times of the day. For example, you may choose to run power hungry equipment during early morning hours so that less power is used during demand hours while staff and other employees work their shifts.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

LED and CFL bulbs are 75% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Hunter Valley Electrics recommends switching all your commercial lighting to LED bulbs which have a higher initial cost but pay for themselves and more with energy savings over time.

Switch to Solar

When it comes to cost saving energy solutions, there is no better way than innovative commercial solar power technology which can drastically reduce your reliance on the traditional main grid. With electricity costs increasing each year, the time has come to switch to a clean, renewable and emission free energy source which helps you take back your independence, letting you grow your enterprise on your own terms.

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