As utility prices continue to skyrocket everywhere, the time has come for residents in Hunter Valley to take energy independence into their own hands. With sustainable sources of power becoming increasingly popular in the country, Hunter Valley Electrics is proud to be in contention for the best solar company in Australia. We lead the way when it comes to helping Australia switch to solar energy for better savings and improved energy efficiency. We present our guide to solar battery power to help demystify the world of solar energy.

Critical Aspects of a Solar Battery

What are the critical things you need to know when buying a battery in NSW?

Choose a quality product and an accessible and licensed installer with a good reputation.

Choosing an appropriately sized battery for your needs is critical to get the best economic return. The payback for smaller batteries is typically earlier than for large batteries.

The energy management system is key to making the whole system work.

NSW Solar Battery Types

Lead Acid

Lead acid batteries are tried and tested and make up a large part of off-grid solar energy units. While they have shorter life and tend to be on the expensive side, their long standing reputation and widespread adoption make them a popular option.

Typical Lifespan of 3-5 Years.

Lithium-Ion – Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Iron Phosphate Lithium-ion batteries are known for their deep depth of charge. These batteries remain much cooler than their lithium ion counterparts with better performance at higher temperatures. They are a popular choice because of their significant life span and safety.

Typical Lifespan of 10+ Years.

The most popular advantage of lithium-ion batteries is that they give the user a larger number of cycles than lead based batteries. This is why they are such a popular option for solar units and panels. They are superior at storing excess power and go a long way towards reducing the country’s energy demand one house at a time.

Flow Batteries

Flow batteries have entered the solar market with the promise of higher cycles by allowing users to use 100% of their battery power without reducing its life span. Most batteries, when used heavily, tend to experience a shorter life span and flow batteries solve this issue by using vanadium as a component.

Typical Lifespan of 5-10+ Years.

Free Quote for Solar and Battery Package in NSW

We recommend that you choose your solar battery based on your estimated usage, environmental conditions, and whether you are considering solar as a short- or long-term energy option. Lithium ion is the most commonly used battery in solar units. Solar batteries may seem daunting at first with complicated specifications but contacting a reputable solar company can help clear up your questions and doubts.

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